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To Share Ur Nature Standard Pile Parka

To Share Ur Nature Standard Pile Parka

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This is the first new product from our brand "TSUN" in three years. The brand logo arranged in a pop style is impressive with its simple yet adorable design. "To Share Ur(Your) Nature", which has the initials of each letter of the brand name, literally translates to "sharing your essence" and contains the message, "Be yourself."

A sweatshirt/hoodie with a standard silhouette and just the right thickness that is easy to mix and match. It is characterized by excellent water absorption and elasticity, and is comfortable to the touch.

Click here for a hoodie with a brushed lining and a big silhouette.

[About color and size]

-Although we do our best to ensure that the product photos are as close to the actual color as possible, the color may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

-Size notation may vary slightly (approximately 2 to 3 cm) during the manufacturing process.

[About the product]

-Color, size, and design may vary slightly depending on production time. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

・Items may differ from the images depending on the cutting of the fabric. Even for the same product and color, there may be variations in elasticity, elongation rate, and cutting depending on the color (dye) and lot.

・During the printing process, ink splatter may be noticeable, but please note that this is an unavoidable phenomenon due to the method.

・Please note that thread seams and slight fraying may occur when weaving the fabric, but this does not cause any quality issues.

In addition, knit sewn products, cashmere touch products, and products with brushed linings are brushed, so some fluff may occur.

・Knit products may vary in shape and size (approximately 5cm) due to blending, pressing, and product washing during the production process, but there is no problem with quality.

[About product handling]

-When you receive the product, please be sure to remove it from the bag and store it in a well-ventilated place, avoiding airtight packaging as much as possible.

-Dark colors may fade, so please avoid washing them with other items. After washing, please adjust the shape immediately and dry it. Depending on the fabric, when it gets wet from friction, sweat, rain, etc., the dye may transfer to light-colored clothing, underwear, bags, sofas, etc.

・Avoid using bleach or drying.

・Due to the characteristics of the fabric, some products may shrink, so please be careful when washing.

-Please refer to the product tag attached to the product for handling precautions.

・Depending on the product, it may wrinkle easily, and there may be strong folding wrinkles or creases. Please check the quality information on the product tag before washing or ironing.

・Due to the characteristics of the fabric, some items may have a strong odor. You will hardly notice it after using it for a few days or drying it in the shade.

Material: 100% cotton
Length (cm) 61.0 65.0 69.0 74.0 79.0
Width (cm) 51.0 54.0 57.0 62.0 67.0
Shoulder width (cm) 44.0 48.0 52.0 55.0 58.0
Sleeve length (cm) 55.0 59.0 60.0 61.0 62.0
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